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Fiction Blogs

  1. Having seen dustyvinci's writing blog (no, it doesn't need another plug thanks!) I did a search to see if there were any others around. Could I find a one? No!

    So, does anyone else fancy themselves as a bit of a fiction writer and run a blog?

    I tend to have these great ideas, get a few notes down on paper and then lose the paper.

    Also, anyone got any links to sites with information, tips and tricks for writing fiction/novels? I got one from the library but I forgot to take it back and it ended up costing me £4. The retail on the book as £7.99!

  2. found this -

    handy liddle bugger ;)

  3. And the tag links on the fourth entry:

    Adult, Editing, Erotica, Feminism, language, sex, writing...

    Needs investigation me thinks.

    I looked at the tags and it didn't really turn up what I was looking for though. :(

  4. Absolute Write has all the help you'll ever need to write fiction (or anything else).

  5. Hmm. html not working.


  6. Try

    - short stories, and intriguing.

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