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Fifteen2Thirty-A Novel & Blog

  1. My blog,, is a blog that correlates with my future fiction novel. The main character, Casey is on the brink of 30, with a fifteen year old. Flashbacks to her daughters age reveal more about present-day casey.

    Stop by and read novel sneak peaks, in addition to art, and random rants!

    Hope you enjoy! Still relatively new!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog content really is great but can I just say I could barely find any of it. Your layout is quite confusing. I didn't want to tell you (I hate anything negative) but I'd like to keep reading your blog, so ummm bigger fonts and a neater page?

  3. Thank you for the critique, I switched to a new layout, and wasn't sure if it worked, thanks for the comments and critiques!

  4. oh wow, huge difference! Very very nice :)

  5. Thank you, ironically, this was the original layout! Should have stuck with that. I am definitely changing the colors but maintaining the simplicity.

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