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Fifty-plus year old bloggers out there?

  1. roughseasinthemed

    I'm 50+ and looking for some interesting blogs to read.

    Are there any bloggers 50+ out there?

    Feel free to check me out at whichever of my multiple blog syndrome personality disorder complex your choose.

    OK, this is a tongue in cheek response to one I read on another thread by jessie, but having said that, most of the blogs I read and enjoy are by older people ie 40s, 50s, 60s.

    Just like the teenies have things in common, so do we.

    Not such a bad idea really, after all, it's so nice to reminisce about the old days, moan about today, wonder where society is going, and do nothing about it etc etc etc

    The blog I need help with is

  2. roughseasinthemed

    not sure whether that was meant to be *you choose* or *of your choice*. Either way, typical 50-year-old slack proofing...

  3. I'm 50+ but I sure as hell don't act it. ;) Shall we play "Do you remember when........?" Lol.

  4. Funny, jessie.

    I am one...actually 53. Which makes me one of the tail end baby boomers. I even have a real first name that clearly is a name that was popular because of some movie stars during my baby era.

    However I am not certain if my blog overall reflects my age range. Does it?

    Probably closest I would ever write related to a LARGE number of cyclists that I've seen and know, tend to be people middle age and up. Cycling en masse by teens is still rare in North America.

  5. Sorry I did write up about Buffy Sainte Marie, a native Indian Canadian woman (lives in Hawai'i now) who sings protest songs and love songs.....she is now....over 70.

    Incredible woman. Fit, active and a voice that doesn't quaver, etc. I wrote up about her concert that I went a few months ago. A woman that has been a community activist for most her life in addition to being a musician.

  6. roughseasinthemed

    I remember Buffy Sainte Marie (obviously given my age).

    The cycling comment is interesting, something I hadn't done for years but started again in late 40s, mainly due to my partner rescuing bikes from the local rubbish bins. Our biggest investment was on helmets.

    There is a lot of cycling at all ages where I live in Spain though, probably due to the decent weather. The local council also promotes it as a sport, so there are regular triathlons and the other week there was a family cycle ride through the village aimed at younger kids. Good stuff.

  7. She sang " Soldier Blue" didn't she? I remember it was one of the first songs I ever heard with the F word in it. I was 15. Cripes! That seems like yesterday.

  8. @ maideibike. I thought you were a lot younger. Maybe late 20s/30s. :)

  9. Over time, cycling often will challenge other people's perceptions of 50+. I don't know about Spain, but it will if in North America.

    (20's is abit of a stretch, but you're so kind. :))

  10. I'm 50+ (more + than I'd like really) but I do have rather a niche topic.

    Stop by and read The Book excerpts to see if you are interested. :)

  11. Just had a look at your blog - while Jennifer isn't 50+, I think you two might have a lot in common!

  12. roughseasinthemed

    @ teamoyeniyi - thanks for that link, looks like an interesting blog, will take some time out to read more (even though she def isn't 50!)

  13. @roughseasinthemed
    50+ bloggers. Well, that would be me. Personal blog here >
    I smiled broadly when I saw this thread title - love it! :)

  14. There's probably a big huge perception in a big part of society that 50+ means that we're just:

    *looking after grandchildren
    *complaining about our arthritis (disease hits younger people too)
    *talking about what to do for retirement
    *listening to only the Beach Boys, Beatles, Bob Dylan,etc.

    Doesn't mean we might still do some of this stuff ..or some of us it just doesn't apply for us.

  15. I used to love the Beach Boys when I was 13/14 now I can't stand their awful screeching and howling. Lol.

    My taste in music now crosses many genres; from Metal to Renaissance and Medieval music, Dead Can Dance to Arvo Pàrt. Marvellous.

  16. Well I'm not 50+. I'm of 19 but I'm here to tell you all that I love the company of you guys. You people are really very loving. May you all live long!

  17. Thank you Hnsaifi. You too. :)

  18. Pleasures :)

  19. roughseasinthemed

    @ timethief - thanks :D it was a tongue in cheek title, and as you read all the forums and threads you'll know where it comes from. Thanks for the link to your personal blog, v different to your tips one. Will make time to have a proper browse.

    @maidie - interesting suggested perspective. In my case I have no grandchildren (impossible as have no children), no arthritis - yet - touchwood, retirement is unlikely as the pension age keeps ever-increasing - work till you drop, and I try and avoid nasty music as I prefer peace and tranquility.

    Interesting idea though - how do people view today's 50-year olds? Or even 60-year-olds?

    @ hnsaifi - that was a lovely comment, but I personally am not remotely loving (even if the others on this thread are). Just to prove I am not, I should like to point out I am not a guy, I doubt anyone else on here is. Wait! Holds hand up before you tell me it is an acceptable gender neutral term for men and women. It isn't. OK, lecture over.

    Next, interestingly, I do read a couple of 'teenage' blogs. That's because they write well, take interesting photos, and have a variety of topics to write about. To me that is the criteria of a decent blog, regardless of age.

    Have to say what I don't want is an endless diet of make-up, fashion, pop music, films, and text speak. But nor is that limited to teens.

    Interesting not many 50+ year olds wanting to play on here ..... All too busy with their grandkids I guess (I never thought of myself as grandparent age :D)

  20. Sorry I don't have English as my native Language. I thought "guys'' should be acceptable for both genders (as in some English movies). Isn't it? Yet I knew most of the members here are female.

  21. roughseasinthemed

    hnsaifi, it's an american english thing. it's also not cool with feminist women, even though other women do accept it. That's life.

    Your english is good, no worries there.

    I like your joint blog btw, maybe you should update it. Found the post about the Resolution very interesting.

  22. Your english is good,

    Thanks :) I think you're the only one to think so. :)

    Thanks for your compliment about my blog. I also like that post about Resolution day. Yes I need to update it and I'll do it soon. BTW I used that word many times and no one argue me to correct it before you. Thanks!

  23. Have to say what I don't want is an endless diet of make-up, fashion, pop music, films, and text speak. But nor is that limited to teens.

    Interesting not many 50+ year olds wanting to play on here ..... All too busy with their grandkids I guess (I never thought of myself as grandparent age :D)

    I've come across blogs that overtly indicate in blog posts that blogger is over 50 or the whole blog's name is baby boomer. But I actually don't like talking much in my blogs about being a child of the baby boomer because it assumes there's a particular status associated with being a baby boomer (ie. living as a child through the global political- social revolution of the 1960's-erly 1970s.)

    There's overfocus on blaming boomers these days for impeding tax crisis, health care crisis because Western countries' birth rates are declining and placing extra pressures on next generations. Some of it may be real while in other situations, I am not personally responsible for overspending habits of other people.

    Maybe 50+ bloggers, are also still dealing with adult children living at home. I know several who are.

    However there is alot to blog about because 50+ can compare:
    *pre-Internet life vs. in-the-now Internet life, pre-fax life vs. who-uses-fax-anymore
    *pre-credit ownership by teens life vs. now nearly every older teen seems to have a credit card(!)

    But, hey someone can blog about that.

    And yea, roughseas, I don't have arthritis yet. Yesterday I discovered that I am as old as....our Prime Minister of Canada. Good grief. I seriously cannot relate to a stodgy guy like him.

  24. ROTLMAO @ Maidie.

    Know the feeling in your last paragraph. I am OLDER than our leader of the opposition - and he is someone straight out of the 50s - heaven help us all if he ever gets into power!

  25. Is 48 close enough? I'm a film photographer, so the whippersnappers would certainly call me a fogie, I think!

  26. Hey luddy, I like your blog's byline. :)

  27. Yes, I remember the good ol days when you received your wages weekly in a brown envelope. When you payed in cash, when you went to the bank to draw money and not a hole-in-the-wall. Summers where hot and winter was snowy and there were only two TV channels (in UK)
    And the world was in black and white. Lol.

  28. Thanks, maidiebike!

    Not only black and white, but crackly too! And it didn't matter if it was sunny or snowy, we had to walk five miles to school! In our bare feet! On unpaved roads! With lots of brambles! The good ol' days, dammit!

  29. @hnsaifi - your English has improved amazingly since you first arrived on these forums! Well done! :) (I hope that doesn't sound patronising, it's not meant to).

  30. I'm in my early sixties, so definitely 'qualify' for this thread!

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