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Fifty-plus year old bloggers out there?

  1. Absurd: People should see how one can still have a sense of whimisical fun and creativity. You demonstrate this trait plus being quite grounded in reality = wisdom.


  2. @maidie - lol! Reality? That's a new one on me. I'm an artist, remember. ;) Thanks, though. :)

  3. @AOB Thanks :)

  4. I know I am getting old when I look at badly written teeny blogs exuding enthusiasm that want a million followers on day one. Er why? What are you offering?

    I have certainly read one or two good ones. But please teeny bloggers, learn how to write, use paragraphs, think about your headline and your intro, consider crossheads and pix, write an about me page, don't just keep the 'just another wordpress blog' subtitle and try for something interesting rather than I just rolled out of bed today.

    Oh. Drat. Wrong thread. Should have posted on the teeny thread, just wanted a bit of empathy after reading another BAF badly written teen blog.

  5. I'm a teen blogger. I hope my blog doesn't irritate you. There are a number of teen blogs that are awesome. The trashworthy blogs are not confined to own by the teens only. There are many old bluffers who start a blog only as an experiment and never come back.

  6. I'm 50+ going on 7 lol, tick you're it

  7. moonbeammcqueen

    Add me to the Half-Century Bloggers Club!

    Moonbeam McQueen

  8. I'm 50+ and have a diary-type blog at:

    It's meant to be humorous, though to cover myself (in case I say anything I shouldn't), it's written by someone who's not very real at all (apart from the bits I don't deny on my 'About the author' page.

  9. I changed my 'name' after setting up as 'colincrimp' so don't be too confused if you hop over to my blog and discover I'm now 'Chester J Crump'. :)

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