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figures in text postings

  1. I am enjoying my freedom to post as benclaassenspeaks; however, my text writings include a few pasted Figures embedded in the text. These figures do not transfer into the post. Is there a way to do that? I can furnish an example file if that helps.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes we need you to post a URL to an example. Without a URL we have nothing to work with so please post it now.

  3. On another note: Are you copying and pasting from some wordprocessing program like MS Word? I ask because some of your posts are all bold and others just have a lot of "junk" code. This is not good because at some point your blog will break:

    If you must use Word, then take a look at this:

    Or try the free Windows LiveWriter which is very like a word proccesser but doesn't introduce bad code.

  4. Windows live writer was a good suggestion for pasting figures from powerpoint, I now have a posting with embedded figures. They are not clear and hard to read as you can see

    some posting was all bold, not following the junk code ?

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