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File Name Questions

  1. I want to showcase some adopted graphics on my blog, but I may have issues with the file names. I know these will seem like small problems, but some of the graphics I want to adopt are from Geocities sites, and they're going down in October.

    First question: What's the maximum length allowed for a file name? A couple of years ago I couldn't upload one of my dolls because the file name was allegedly too long. Since it was one of mine I didn't mind changing the file name, but I can't do that with other people's file names. I don't expect WP to accommodate file names like Leafsockandcrownwithcat.gif or wayuki_pixel-shunisha_kimberly.gif, but what about a more reasonable number of characters (like, say 15). And speaking of wayuki_pixel-shunisha_kimberly.gif...

    Second question: What exactly does WP allow in the file names? I know the FAQ says letters and numbers only, but I've seen hyphens in file names when I searched the forum for a different graphics problem. I'm sure WP would probably balk at snow%20white.gif, but would mira-gown.gif or doll_elf10.gif be a problem?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmm. Does anyone here know, or should I ask support directly?

  3. We need a link to your blog, starting with http, in order to answer appropriately.

  4. If you think it'll help:

    But I haven't tried to upload the files in question yet. I'm asking these questions ahead of time so I won't be needlessly banging my head against the wall later.

    P.S. The file names I gave in the OP are real file names; they're not exaggerations.

  5. Thanks, the link to the blog is primarily required to make sure you're in the right forum; about a third of people are not. has been making changes to the filenames and so on, so your experiences of a couple of years ago may no longer apply. I've never run into difficulties uploading things which were accepted file types except when they had punctuation in them, and sometimes they have VERY long titles. I think you'll find fifteen characters is not an issue now. As for punctuation, you can always try and see if it works. Sorry I can't be more specifically helpful, but it's the work of a moment to retitle an image and upload again.

  6. Thanks, Raincoaster! That helps a lot.

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