File structure problem, files not being found.

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    I’m having an odd problem with a clients site I’m trying to test on this domain, it works find on localhost, but when I upload it to the server, it first seems like the css doesn’t work, when I view the source I can see that the paths in the head file aren’t right because they now are missing the ‘wp-content’ and other things like the theme folder names when looking for the css. I can’t just change it in the head section manually, but I’m not sure where to make the change to fix it or why it isn’t looking in the right folders automatically. I’m not sure if it’s a database thing or something I can change via wordpress/php, but my php is pretty bad.

    It’s strange that it seems to work on localhost even without looking for the wp-content in the links in the head, even though they are under wp-content of course.

    As an example if I look for – – Which in where it’s trying to look for some reason, I get nothing

    But if I look in – – The file is there

    and it’s the same for plugins, they should have ‘wp-content/plugins’ before them, but they don’t.

    I really could use some help with this one. I’m using the roots framework to build on if that’s relevant.

    The blog I need help with is



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