File Upload causes CPU to run at 50%

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    I’ve been running into a problem where my CPU is often running at about 50%. The process taking the resources is DLLHost.exe. This is on Vista Home Premium with IE 7. I’ve narrowed it down to the Flash file uploader that WordPress uses. I’ve got Flash 9.00.0124. The Flash process running is FlashUtil9f.exe. After I click to add media and then click the upload button, once the folder browser opens up to let me select a file from my computer, DLLHost.exe is started and ramps up to about 50%. Even after closing the file browser and closing Internet Explorer, DLLHost.exe remains running at close to 50%.

    Anyone else experience this? And if so, any suggestions for resolving it other than manually killing the dllhost.exe process?

    Please: leave out the flames about Microsoft, Vista, Internet Explorer, etc.



    I’ve been getting errors all day with the flash uploader, so I simply choose the browser uploader instead. I know this doesn’t resolve the flash problem, but it is a workaround until someone more knowledgeable than I am can come along.

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