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File url name change

  1. Hi folks, I've had a hunt on the online forums but cannot seem to find a solution to my problem.

    I need the following url to

    To update with new pdf:

    I've deleted the old files, had a look at the HTML but whenever I re-upload a file, rather than replacing the "june-2011.pdf" it just keeps uploading to a new url eg:


    Can't seem to find orginal file in library, and am unable to amend in library.

    Help me obi wan!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's standard behavior when you upload files with the same name, to prevent accidental overwrite or mixups. The only case you won't get the appended number is if you delete the file and re-upload the new version the next month - but then the date will be different. In short, there's no way to upload a new version of a file and retain the same URL. If you need that, you'll have to upload such files to outside file-hosting sites.

  3. Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply.

  4. Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply.

  5. You're welcome - sorry for the bad news!

  6. Ah, could be worse eh. No worries. :)

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