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    Hi When I create a new post and add that post to a category (ideas)the link under the post reads ‘Filed under :ideas’ but when I click it instead of it logically taking me to all the posts filed under ‘ideas’ it takes me outside my site into the site! I don’t want this as it makes no sense. is this a bug? if its not possible to fix can it be removed. Categories aren’t tags but seem to be treated as them in this case.

    The blog I need help with is


    It is not a bug. The category and tags links under or over the post will take you to the wordpress global tags pages which lists your post, as well as others in that tag or category, and for many people the tags pages bring them a good number of hits.

    The category and tags links in the sidebar widgets take you to your local posts in that category or tag.

    The only way to stop this behavior is to choose either the second or third options under settings > privacy and block search engines or make the blog private.



    Ok thanks for your reply. I’ve got nothing against tags linking to a global system for people who like that. I just think that it should say filed under:’ideas’ for things filed under the sites categories and then a seperate thing like Tags:’dog, bike etc’ which can link to global wordpress. I’m not sure of the logic of mixing categories with tags. It’s a pity as having a link to the rest of the posts within your sites category would have been nice.
    Thanks again


    Categories and tags are actually treated the same by wordpress internally and clicking on either a category or tag under or over a post will take you to the global tags pages. Even before we had tags here, the categories above or below a post went to the global tags pages. There never were global categories pages. Search engines make no distinction between categories and tags either. As far as they are concerned, they are one in the same.

    It can be a little confusing with the two names.

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