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Files Hosted at WordPress failing to download

  1. I have currently uploaded a video file to my wordpress blog. I am able to add the video as part of a post and the embedded player works and plays the video just fine, however when I try to create a link to the file for direct download I get a Goshdarnit!.... error from wordpress.

  2. I need to clairify, I can create the link, however when I click the link to download the file I get the error above. Any help would be great.

  3. It is because the original video file is very large (over 50M) and currently we have this issue to download very large files from

  4. So does this mean that any file over 50mb is unable to download? Would this explain why I also cannot stream audio files for my podcast (files are ~ 65mb, but well under the 75mb limit)?

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