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    We are starting to run out of space on our Blog and I am trying to clean out stuff. Since we use a lot of video on our blog I thought a good idea is just to re-upload videos at a smaller resolution so that the file size would be less and therefore give us back some space.
    The problem is, I cannot find a way to see what the file size is on the videos we’ve uploaded (and are in the Media Library). I know it tells you the file size when you add a new file to the library but that info is not available once the file is done being uploaded.
    Unfortunately, I did a poor job of staying organized when creating the site so I cannot find the original files to look for file size info there.
    I know I can buy more space, but I think I can avoid that if I just do a better job of media management and knowing the file sizes of uploaded media is key to that.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Not sure if this helps, but when you go to your Dashboard > Media > Library, do you see something on top that says…?

    __ MB used, __ GB (__%) upload space remaining.



    I think they are looking for the file size of the individual files – not sure that WP does a good job on that – not sure that a Directory listing could be done to see file sizes.



    There is no listing of the individual video file sizes that I can locate in the Media Library. May I suggest that you contact Staff?


    I do not know if this will work for videos, and I only know that it works in Firefox, not sure about other browsers but if you right click on the particular item in the media library and then click on properties, it should give you the information about the file size.



    Thanks! I forgot all about that … DUH :)



    I just right clicked on some images and no matter what I try, the file size that is shown is for a thumbnail not the actual image – for pictures WP makes several size files for the same image (thumbnail, a bit bigger and finally full size) – I could not get the actual size of the picture without displaying it in a post and clicking through to the final displayed version – downloading a file would give the correct size but that is a lot of work –

    Would be nice if WordPress did show file sizes.



    I tried too with the same result. :(

    Please contact Staff with your suggestion


    oh darn and here I thought I was being helpful. It is useful as an alternative way to find out the attachment id #

    that is something else that I think would be nice for them to put in the media library page next to each thumbnail, maybe right under the title. I guess I should send that in as a suggestion.



    Thanks and why not? :)

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