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Filipino bloggers should have a union

  1. To all filipino bloggers out there. Do you think we should have unity on wordpress? how about a new blog for this union? if there's an existing blog for this kind of union please also tell us! if nothing lets make one! :)

  2. I think you should have a LABOUR union.

  3. what's the relation between labour and filipino..union ?

  4. what's the relation between labour and filipino..union ?

  5. I think what you need is a filipino forum;
    If that is what you want, you have to ask the staff to make one.

  6. There are many bloggers from my region (and absolutely no one on the forums :D) and I never thought to make a union of my nation. I hate unions (especially student unions :D) I think one union the " bloggers union'' is the best union. And if someone famous like TT, raincoaster, blah blah create a blog with that title it will be the best blog ever.
    (Isn't it a great idea for you Raincoaster who have plenty of blogs? :D )

  7. Sure, union organizers make a TON of money.

  8. invisiblemikey

    I enjoy reading blogs from countries and cultures different from mine. The idea of a union confuses me, though. What would they picket for, more free hosting in return for zero wages? And when they go on strike do they do it by posting less, or more?

  9. Posting cat butts instead of cat faces. Or only pictures of Sphinx cats. Until our demands are met, we will ban teh cute from the interwebs!

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