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    By exident I filled in the wrong email with the registration of a new account. My accountname is Swucky. I filled in (email redacted), but it is supposed to be (email redacted) . Is it possible that I get the registration mail again?

    Kind regards!

    The blog I need help with is



    Unfortunately, email addresses cannot be changed on pending signups, so I have removed it from our system.

    You may now re-register with the correct email address.


    thank you so much!



    You’re welcome!



    Hi, I just did the same thing I think.

    I got as far as and changed it to private, but I must not have entered the correct email for myself and now can not get into the site.

    I should have entered (email redacted), but I haven’t a clue what I did wrong!

    I think I was logged into another wordpress account when I did it and got myself goofed up in the process. Or I logged off of the foxglove account and back into my dave95694 account somehow.

    Can you help me?



    You would have to have clicked an activation link sent to the email address you entered to both activate the blog and post here.

    You can change the email address via Users -> Personal Settings in your Dashboard.


    Hi, thanks,

    It seems I created the blog in a different account I was signed into while trying to create the new account/blog.

    Now I have the blog, with the name I wanted, but associated with the wrong account!

    It is possible to xfer the blog to my other account?

    Thanks (email redacted) and (email redacted)


    Ok, I found the transfer function and transfered the blog to the account I wanted it in.

    I’ll learn…..eventually!

    Thanks for your patience




    I have the same problem and just sent an email to wordpress support team. My blog is “” and my correct email address is “(email redacted)” however accidentally I entered a wrong email address.

    Would you please provide me an access to this weblog again?
    Thanks a lot



    aghmajid, it looks like we already took care of this for you.

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