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    I would ask if you could get a modification on tag surfer that would be kind of antitagging.

    See: what I want to read is about human relationship and love. Yet I get at least half of christian stuff – which in this case is not my special interest. I don’t mind chrisitians, but am not so interested on reading of resitals of love of god – if you understand. So if I could “antitag” God and such I would not get none of those mails in my tag surfer. Also could eliminate pornografic postings and such at the same.

    Please, could there be this kind of filter.



    Probably a Google search would be your best bet.

    Use their advanced serach

    After you put in the parameters you want and hit search, if you look on the results page in the search box at the top, you’ll see how the query was constructed.

    "human relationships" -christian

    says search for pages having the exact phrase “human relationship” but not the word “christian” and search You also have the option of turning on “safe search” on that advanced search page I linked to above.

    And you can always send in your suggestion to staff through “contact support” in your dashboard.



    I don’t want search, because it does not work att all like tag surfer, which follows new posts in themes. I am not looking for certain issue – I am lookin for what people write right now about these themes /tags. And I tought this forum was for new ideas?!



    It is for ideas but the forums are manned by volunteers; sometimes it takes a while for staff to notice new suggestions. The usual procedure is to send an email to staff as well just to let them know about your idea. You can do that through once support opens.

    For what it’s worth it sounds like a pretty good idea to me; sometimes there are so many posts, anything which could make it a bit more focused would be good.

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