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Filter or limit what is displayed on a page

  1. Have you ever been on a webpage that allows you to filter or limit what is displayed on that page? I bet that many of us create pages that are focused to specific interests or use Widgets to link to specific posts or groups of posts. Why not a filter or limit that allows the user to quickly limit the content of the website to what they are interested in?

    For example it would be a widget that would refresh the page and display things sorted by a keyword, category or date. It would allow people to easily find information If the widget were popular, it might even be built in as a theme option.

    On my site for example I have people who only want to watch videos. However clicking on the Video category takes them to the WP site were all my videos are listed. There is no way to gather all the videos on one page that I am aware of, and people wouldn't know to search for Videos to find just videos. In addition there are some posts that mention video but don't have a video. By having this filter they could see that they could just see the multimedia types of a website like video, photos, audio without having to create manually built pages for it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why not a filter or limit that allows the user to quickly limit the content of the website to what they are interested in?

    Ummm that is what categories widget is for. You assign your posts to a specific category or categories and when someone clicks on that category name in the category widget, they get a listing of ONLY the posts in that category.

    The categories and tags below the posts lead to the wordpress global tags pages. If you want them to go local only, then you have to go to settings > privacy and select either the middle (block search engines) or bottom (only allow users you invite) option. That is the only way to get the cats and tags in the post metadata to go local. For many the global tags pages bring in a lot of visitors who otherwise might never find their blog, and because the global tags pages here have a ton of search engine ranking, that means the search engine ranking of any blog listed on them is boosted.

    Alternately you can switch to the iNove theme which allows you to turn off the category and tags display on the posts, or if you have CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade it is possible to hide the tags and categories on some themes, but not all.

  3. Here is the support document on global tags.

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