Filtering Mature Blogs per User Account

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    I have two 13+ children who have moved their blogs over to and I am getting ready to give them permission to have access to the domain so they can update their blogs when I’m not looking (we use a variety of internet filters at home).

    Although is quite clean overall, it would really be nice if users could have a preference in their user accounts to not be able to view Mature Blogs. It’s not that I don’t trust them – I think all users would prefer not to accidentally stumble upon mature posts/blogs if they were so inclined. Obviously, since it would be merely a setting in the user account preferences, a user could simply change it back.

    I see this “feature” as something similar to Bing and Google’s image and web searches were you can specify in the preferences under “Safe Search” either “off”, “moderate”, or “strict”.

    Since this would rely upon WordPress’s existing “Mature” flag, this seems to me to be a relatively easy feature to implement that (I believe) would only further’s commitment to being the best blogging community on the web.

    Anyone agree?

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you considered sending your Idea directly to Staff?

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