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Filtering posts by Category and Date

  1. Pretty new to this so bear with me.
    I have just created a site for use at work

    If i go to the 'Articles' page I can select by Category to display all posts with Newspaper Article as a Category and I can select a date from the calendar to display all post made on that date.

    What I would like to do is select current date + newspaper article. Is it possible?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry Dave.

    The .com functionality of this template will not let you filter in this way. You may be able to get the rss feed for both and do a filter using pipes or something similar.



  3. Cheers Tom,

    Not the answer I wanted but it's the one I expected :(

    How do I get the RSS feed for current date?


  4. Dave

    For RSS feed e.g

    Just add feed to the end of the date you want.



  5. Ah but that way i have to enter the date into the feed which would mean a different feed each day. What i'm after is 'current date'.


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