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Final request before I 301 redirect

  1. I would like to ask that transfer any new followers of this blog to my new site, What pitfalls or remaining items will there be? I have a lot of content on Pinterest that I am afraid might be lost in the transfer, but will users be directed to the correct POST once I redirect? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They will be redirected to the correct post. Followers in the reader can be moved over by staff once you have the Jetpack plugin installed.

  3. Remember to make sure your Permalinks on your new site are set to match here, or the redirects will not go to the correct Post

  4. Oh ok will check the permalinks then...I haven't touched those on the new platform. I'm just doing everything says to do as a best practice. They charge $13 annually for the 301. What does that buy you?

  5. For $ 13.-- they send all traffic from your old site to your new site - they will change the address and put in your new domain name in the address and tell anyone that the URL has been moved permanently (301 redirect) - for one year - that will also help to train search engines that you have moved

  6. It's really only necessary for the first year. After that, presumably the links going to the old blog will have fallen off search engines.

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