Final tweaks on San Kloud

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    First of all, thank you Justpi for all the help so far. I now have a nearly finished design up on my test blog. (It’s the candelabra link below.)

    However, I have just a couple of other tiny questions:

    1- How can I shift all of the sidebar images slightly to the right… preferably without having to add additional transparency to the left of my current PNG images? Here’s the catch: there’s a setting somewhere that cuts off anything going beyond the current rightmost border of the sidebar.

    2- How do I change the body text color? Also, how do I change the color for links and headers without going through the colors menu? (If I use the colors menu, it eliminates my custom background and does not let me put it back.)

    3- This may sound strange, but how to I delete the header menu? As it is, my custom background camouflages it so heavily that I’ve simply used a sidebar menu.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, I don’t understand #1, I’m not sure about #2 (which text exactly? which headers? which links?), and I don’t see a header menu.


    I actually managed to find some solutions today.

    There is a header menu on San Kloud. Depending on when you arrived, it may have been gone already… or maybe my custom background camouflaged it too well. I just polished off the sidebar issue a minute or two ago. I ended up creating some really narrow sidebar PNG’s because the template would crop the right side off of anything wider. They’re up now.

    The one remaining problem is with one part of the text: the links in the sidebar all show as gray. I’d like something that’s more legible against the dark background. However, if I change anything through the customizer, I lose my custom background.

    (And for the sake of you volunteers, maybe WP should extend the free trials to 3 weeks next time. You get stuck with all the people who have to learn some CSS on the spot and then build something…)



    To change the color of the widget links, add this and change the hex:

    .widget a {
        color: #456789 !important;

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