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Finally decided to move over to but what should I name my new blog?

  1. Hi all

    Been a bit confused lately about getting a domain name. And it starts like this.

    1. I love and I started blogging on it since 2006. Lately, I been tumbling a bit more on tumblr than blogging on I was thinking of getting a domain name from and have it on tumblr. US$7.99 I can have my own customize domain name and a bit of css customization (although I do not know coding very well) but after much thoughts I decided to get a self-hosted blog with wp. Simply because I missed commenting. tumblr's audience reblogs more in my opinion

    2. my blog started out as a personal blog. I blog about my school work, my internship experience, my triathlon training and my travel. In 2008 I started getting into the world of startups and I begin blogging my startup experience till now.

    Now I finally decided to move over to but what should I name my new blog? I want it to have an angle where I blog about my startup experiences in Asia. Should I use my own name still like.. or would you suggest me getting a different blog name? like

    Also would you recommend me to import all my posts over to the new blog or start a fresh?

    Thank you pple really need some opinions to clear up my mind

    Thank you thank you :D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you're going to move over to, then get yourself an account there and ask them. The forum on deals with self-hosted blogs, this one deals with blogs hosted here.

    See point #1 here:

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