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    Is there a way to look at previous saves of a draft? I worked on post for 2 hours, assuming it was automatically saving as it usually does, but when I went to publish, I got a message saying publishing was not available, and when I went back to the post, it was a much earlier save, from the night before!
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    You can restore an auto-saved version of your post via the Revisions module on your edit post page:

    If you have any trouble, could you let us know the title of the post you were working on?


    Maybe something was going on with the site during the time I was working on it (the post is called “Improvisational Architecture”)… no revisions are recorded from before the time the error occurred (except on previous days). :(



    I’m very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, if there’s nothing in the Revisions, then we’re unable to restore it for you.

    To make sure this doesn’t happen again, could you let me know what browser you were using and if you’ve come across this before? You’ll also want to make sure you’re always connected to the internet and have cookies enabled.


    Firefox 3.6.25, cookies enabled. Oh well! Thanks for responding.



    You’re running a rather outdated version of Firefox, so you might want to update it, or use a modern browser:

    Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance. :-)

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