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    Friends, I’m a WordPress convert. I’ve got two blogs going on and am very happy with my experience. But my BIG website — a wine interview and review site called — is suspended in amber, readable but stuck in time, because it was written entirely in that discontinued abomination called Microsoft FrontPage.

    I have friends who tell me that I should just continue posting using the last release of FrontPage, but that’s off the table. I want to convert the entire website to — and I have neither time nor appetite to do it myself.

    It’s not a simple task. The website has dozen of pages, scads of internal and external links, lots of photos and a host of interviews with important people in the modern history of wine. I’m determined to modernize the site for THEIR sake, largely, because they refer customers and colleagues to it, and because it documents their achievements.

    I don’t have a huge budget — it’s in the hundreds rather than thousands. So the question is, WHERE DO I FIND the people to do this job. I know they must exist! I thought I could worse than starting here, at the center of the universe.




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    Try here > codepoets >

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