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Findable on google after setting security to be hidden from search engines

  1. I think the title says it all. Since Sunday I have had several hits from search engines, despite setting the privacy to be hidden from search engines. How is this happening and how can I stop it?

  2. Are you findable on Google, specifically, or search engines generally? Because Google generally respects those settings, but quite a lot of search engines don't.

  3. I'm wading in and risking being shot down as a messenger. If you happen to have created a cyber presence elswhere for example by having another blog hosted somewhere else and then you used the same username in a "private" blog here you would have left a bread crumb trail that can and will be followed by search engines other than google right to your new doorstep.
    As Podz has repeatedly advised us there is no such thing as being truly anonymous in cyber space.
    Here at you can make your blog "private" and protect your blog content by using passwords. The FAQ's blog (link at top of forum) has information on this.
    EDIT: I just clicked on your username and found that you blog is not "private" at all. Please check out these two threads and see if they are helpful to you and accept my best wishes.

  4. TT, that's not actually what I meant, although it's true.

    I mean it quite literally in that when someone marks their blog private googlebots respect that marking and avoid the site. Yahoo does not, nor do many others. When I had a blog at Diary-x and the whole thing went down for good, Google had no record of my existence except the few entries people had linked to, but Yahoo had everything going back years. As far as I know they still do.

  5. @rain
    Yeah, I know and usually MSN has your info too.

  6. Um, guys. We all know that it takes time for search engines to remove a site from their databases after the 'Don't index me' selection is choosen. It doesn't happen overnight. More like a couple of months.

  7. Or, in Yahoo's case, several years. I've still got cached versions of my old blog going back to 2002.

  8. Thanks for the help guys. TT, I don't want to password protect it (if I had, I would have just stayed at my old blog rather than starting a new one here). I just wanted for me not to show up easily when ppl searched. I did specifically mean google, I haven't tried other search engines, I assume they are similar.

    I have not used the same username or blog name elsewhere, the only place I have used this username is on leaving comments on other wordpress blogs (because I can't face logging out and logging in again each time - but perhaps that's stupid).

    And I have never been listed in the search engines under this name as I only created it two weeks ago, so the removal thing doesn't make any sense either. The only thing that does (unless I'm misunderstandign you, sorry) is that the search engines have picked up on this blog despite me setting the settings to 'hidden from search engines'. If so I really don't understand why that option is even offered - the alternative is to be straight with people and just say either you are totally public, or you are password protected, there is no inbetween.

  9. The search engines will pick up on your comments. Google is particularly adept at that. If you truly want to fly under the radar, log out before commenting.

    Quite a lot of people blog, but don't comment; some are aware their comments register in search engines, but quite a lot just don't want to comment. It's a popular option, actually.

  10. I think it's only fair for you to understand that wordpress sysadmin has not misled you or anyone else. If wordpress says they have a no search - no follow or whatever it's called tag on your blog directing the search engine spiders not to crawl it then I do not doubt for a single moment that this is the case.
    Leaving comments on other wordpress blogs while you are signed in as raincoaster has told you will be picked up by the search engines.
    Leaving comments on blogs hosted elsewhere and leaving behind your wordpress username and or your wordpress blog url with those comments will also be picked up by search engines.
    Also you cannot control who links to your blog or what references they make to your subject matter in your blog. Those who link you and those who discuss the same subject matter that you do may also leave a bread crumb trail that can be followed back to your blog.
    In essence, if you have a blog set up to allow you to enter dialogue with readers on a specific subject, and if you dialogue on other blogs on that same subject, then what you write in your blog on that subject will have a bread crumb trail that leads right back to it.
    It's your Blogger blog that says where to find you! I just typed the IVF part of the title of your wordpress blog into google blog search and found a blogger blog with the same identical title where you left this post behind you for the search engines to follow right to your blog here:
    "Tuesday, October 10, 2006
    The real deal
    My blog is at
    This account was set up just so I can post to blogger-only blogs.
    posted by Thalya at 10:22 AM"

    [Link fixed - drmike]

  11. Or, if you want to comment, just remove the URL from the Dashboard -> Users -> My Profile page on your blog as well as your forum profile here.

  12. Thanks that is much clearer. Things are always more complicated than they seem to the uninitiated.

  13. Not a problem. :)

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