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finding autosaved draft

  1. I edited a blog post last night, and it autosaved it, but now I can't find it. How can I find it, open it, & resume editing? I saw it once & now can't find it again. Also, it was in html form & I couldn't find a way to get it back in the text format. Help! Connie
    Blog url:

  2. The most recent post displaying in the blog linked to your username is
    You Gotta Be “IN IT” to “WIN IT!” June 25, 2012 by connieskids and that makes me think you may be referring to a different blog. Please post an active link startinge with http:// to the exact blog in question.

    Go to Posts > All Posts, hover over the title of the post, click Edit and check the Post Revisions module for previous saved versions of the post.

    If you're not seeing the Revisions module while on the editor screen, click Screen Options (top right corner of your Admin page) to activate it. Then select the post and page modules to include them. Then you ought to be able to go here > Dashboard > All Posts > Posts and locate the post and recover it from post revisions.

    If you cannot locate the post for locating and restoring a post revision, and it's not in your Trash folder then you will not be able to recover it.

    When you start a new post, add the title, set it to private and then publish it. When you are done with the post, set it back to publish and update it as justpi has said. The other choice is to get and use an offline blog client such as Windows Live Writer (Windows) or Ecto (Mac) and then everything is saved on your computer and when you are done with the post, you actually publish it directly from the blog client software. See here for offline blog editors so you don't have to go through this again

  3. Thanks for the help. I found the autosave copy, but now it is only showing in the html version, whether I click on "view" or "text" mode.
    How can I get it back to be viewable again? Thanks, Connie

  4. That's odd. Click and save that post revision.

    Exactly which browser and version of it are you using please? If you don’t know click here to find out >

    Have your tried clearing your browser cache and cookies >

    If required also upgrade your browser to the latest stable version (not a buggy BETA browser version)

  5. OK, I just did each of those things & still can't see the "viewable version". ;-(

  6. Hmmm ... please try logging out of, claering your browser cache and cookies, and then logging in by using the secure https:// login
    In your case this is the secure login link:

  7. I just did all of no avail. I am so frustrated. Guess it's time to throw in the towel & start from scratch. Thanks, Connie

  8. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you. Staff will respond to this thread and assist when they are avaialble.

  9. Thanks for all your help. I just started over & got it done. Thanks, Connie

  10. Well, that's great news. Thanks for sharing it. I'm so sorry you lost the post in the first place.

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