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    I’m trying to find a background to use on my blog. I’ve searchd the forums and found lots of stuff on free stock photos but that’s not what I’m after, or else I don’t understand the posts – I’m that new to this!
    I can find loads of wordpress themes or backgrounds designed for the Mimosa (?) template on blogger/blogspot but nothing made for wordpress that’s not part of a theme for CSS programmers using WordPress(.org) I am no programmer, I chose in preference to blogger/blogspot as I want to improve my programming in the future, but have no time to learn that deeply right now. I just need something that fits until I do learn.
    If you look at my blog you can see how a blogger template isn’t designed to fit my template, Koi. On the other pages, the text overlaps the border and makes it hard to read. Does anyone know of someone designing free backgrounds for templates like this, or any tutorials for how it is they make these? I have GIMP as I can’t afford photoshop and made the sadly stretched header on the blog. I like the things on this site but they don’t work for me
    Sorry for mentioning a competitor, but I’m here by choice! Plain old repeating squares aren’t enough really, sorry to be fussy – I’m female! (Lol) Anyone point me in the right direction?
    Many, many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    I would use Google and search for “free backgounds web site” and “free backgrounds Blogs”. The searches will trun up sites like this one I would also search for free images bacuse I caould make any image into a background by use of image editing tools.



    Thankyou timethief. I’ve tried variations on those searches and as I said, a lot of the pics I choose don’t work as they are and I’m not sure what I need to do with them in gimp to make them work without stretching them like I did to my header image – that has so got to go!
    However, the site you have linked me to does have some gorgeous squares I could use repeated to do the job, I’m experimenting now! Perhaps I will wait until I have some better skills for the backgrouns I really want.



    You’re welcome. :)

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