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    It would be great if there was an open forum or free marketplace where bloggers can recruit for contributors and authors to join their site.

    I am finding it difficult to reach potentially interested people, and seeing how this site is a massive blogging hub, it seems like a good place to find them all.

    The blog I need help with is




    My advice would be to check out blogs in genres that you are searching for writers from, get to know their blogs and their writing, and they get to know your blog and style.

    After that you could ask them if they would be willing to be contributors to your blog…

    You’d at least know already if they were suitable candidates.

    An idea maybe? Good Luck :)



    Thanks mate – have not really tried this yet so am going to give it a shot.



    There are lots of them: they get the attention of bloggers by paying them for their work. Check out mediabistro, problogger, muckrack, among others.

    There used to be an off-topic forum here where people could ask others to contribute to their blogs for free. It quickly devolved into a lot of brand new people asking others to blog for them, leading the old timers to wonder why they got into blogging in the first place.

    Note the amount of competition: there are literally tens of thousands of blogs, including the Huffington Post, who ask people to blog for them for free. You have to have a very compelling story to persuade people that your blog is where their work should go.



    Thanks raincoaster. I’m after a different type of writer that would want to publish their work via problogger, and I’m over working with the guest blog scene from places like myblogguest.

    What I’m looking for is for bloggers to join my site as permanent contributors. There are so many gardening related blogs with so little traffic, I’d like them to consider writing on Ground to Ground without having to worry about running their own site, and by doing that, gain a greater sense of community and interaction with the readers I already have.

    They are the writers I’m trying to reach.

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