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    How on Earth does one find the specific blog one wants to follow. I know the name of the blog, I know the name of the blog’s author, but there is no way to FIND it! I only joined to follow this one blog, and I’m ready to abandon the effort after less than a day. This site is definitely NOT for those who want to read blogs. What’s the point of a site that is almost solely designed for those who write blogs if no one can get to them to read them!!!
    How do I find an follow the miqiroutward blog?



    Have you tried ? It’s marked as private but could possibly be what you’re looking for?



    Thank you! I have found it. It is private, but I’ve been invited to join, and a third invitation finally arrived. … It seems rather odd to have to go to Google to find a specific blog in WordPress. I don’t know why he chose this venue. Other blog sites seem to me to be much easier to navigate. But then maybe that’s just because I’m old! Thanks again!

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