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Finding blogs with similar interests

  1. I would like to find bloggers with similar interests as me. I there a catalog for wordpress bloggers? Are there good directories that anyone can recommend in addition to Technorati?

  2. Try this:



  3. Thanks Cornell, that was a great lead. Does anyone else have other suggestions? How about for other blog platforms?

  4. Google's blog search?

  5. how is it done?

  6. @drashok
    Have you looked at your dashboard lately? You might like to check out this link

  7. You could look at blog carnivals.

  8. On subscribing to certain tags in the dashboard: It would be nice to be able to view wordpress tags as list of items you can select from to add to your own tag surfing preferences. Does anyone know if this has been brought up as an item?

    Also, the process of finding tags seems a little haphazard-- what if you are looking for "Children" but the tag is listed as "Kids"? you could totally miss a category you would like to watch for. Is there any way to cross reference the tags or associate them with synonyms?


  9. I usually use the "hardway". If you're logged-in, at the upper right corner of wp, you see an arrow, click that and start browsing. It helps when you have nothing else to do, at least for me.

  10. Um, you may want to take a look at teh tag system as mentioned up above. I do believe they are cross referenced to some extent.

  11. I know that DrMike, it's fun doing it with the "arrow" thing, you never know what blog is gonna come out. I would also hope by surfing via the "arrow" thing (again), you earn credits from it like the BlogMad, it would be cool. :)

  12. @nwhitfield
    Have you noted my answer to your question here? Some of it may be helpful as you can use forum profile information on occupation and interest to locate bloggers at with interests similar to your own

    Also note that you can use google by typing in the category/tag and and here's an example

    Frankly I find that the google search function is very quick and complete.

  13. Thanks for the info.

    I guess it's just the software developer in me, but it seems a little silly to not have more powerful search tools included in wordpress. It's kind of a pain to use third-party tools, random hits or manual scanning to locate other bloggers with similar topics, but I suppose I could get used to it.

    In the meanwhile, I'll limber up my mousing finger...

  14. I can't imagine why wordpress would find it cost effective to invest in "powerful search engine tools" when google has that covered.

    Another recourse available to you is to put up a post in the off-topic forum stating the categories of interest that you intend to blog on and stating you are looking for other bloggers with the same interests. Provided you have linked your username to your wordpress blog they will find you and some may post into the thread you create.

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