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finding it hard or impossible to correctly place images,

  1. I am finding it diffficult or impossible to correctly place images as I want them. getting text split and placed partially beside and image . captions dont seem to work well and don't move with the image if it is moved.

    is there a better editior. will upgrades to pro improve this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. see the page "...outfitting the boat"

  3. Yes, the grey shaded area part-way down that post is a remnant of a caption.

    I am assuming that you are working exclusively in the Visual Editor. Adding captions can be tricky in that editor because you cannot tell precisely where your cursor is. If you add a caption, then try to edit (either adding another image or another text paragraph) sometimes the cursor is actually inside the code for the caption. Then everything can get very messed up.

    If you don't want to use the Text Editor where you can see exactly where the code ends, then it is not necessary.

    The easiest way to avoid problems is to write the whole post, then insert images where you want them without the captions. Once the images are aligned as you like, go back and add the captions.

  4. When you edit that post to fix it delete all the images, including the caption remnant.

    If you can't delete it in the Visual Editor, then switch to the Text Editor and use your browser find function to search for "wp-caption" and delete all the code around it.

    Then insert the images where you want them. Finally add the captions. Update.

  5. The other way to add text to align with photos is to use tables. But that would mean learning a bit of html and fussing with code.

    I believe Windows LiveWriter (it's free) is an offline editor that will build tables for you in a sort of word-processor way you might be familiar with. I'm a Mac user so I've never tried that software.

  6. Ok that helps, but I would like to have two pictures side by side, Can this be done.

    also I do have an older editior, DreamWeaver, which is pretty complex, haven't used it for probably 10 years. and will have to do a lot of relearning

    do you think that would be useful. it may not reconize some of the new tags and language.

  7. You can place 2 pics side by side by aligning both of them left. You will have to adjust the left margin of the left picture (in the advanced settings) so that the pair looks more centered.

    After the pair of pictures, you insert this code in the Text Editor so that subsequent text does not wrap to the right of your pictures.

    <br style="clear:both;"></br>

    Your code shows that you used align none for two of them, then added an "aligncenter" probably by using the formatting tool to center text in the visual editor. That seemed to work too. But I'm not sure that is the real way to do it???? I just don't know.

    Dream Weaver is software to design a whole website. It won't help and can't be used here on

    Windows LiveWriter is free. But can't be used on a Mac. Lots of other volunteers here have recommended it though. You can do all of your posts offline plus save them to your computer with it. There are offline editors for Macs, but I'm happy enough with working directly online and the last time I looked, none of them will write tables.

    There are free "table generators" online, but they are not necessarily using the latest versions of codeā€¦

    I'd say try the procedure of inserting captions last as I described above.

    If that doesn't work I could show you a basic table code for you to fill in. The problem is that some themes add extra styling and I'm not familiar with your theme to know what you'd want to change. Things like color, font, spacing, borders, and so on.

    Here is a basic table code for 2 rows and 2 columns:

    <td>CONTENT ROW 1 CELL A</td>
    <td>CONTENT ROW 1 CELL B</td>
    <td>CONTENT ROW 2 CELL A</td>
    <td>CONTENT ROW 2 CELL B</td>
  8. Can I use my dreamweaver to create the code for a table and then copy and paste this code into the text editor. that may give me the table and then insert the image, etc.

  9. the tables seem to work well. used your code, copy and paste then just inserted image into the cells. with center postioon and caption, etc. leaving the cell text in 2nd row for now, will remove later.

  10. Your table is a bit wide. See how it overlaps the sidebar a little?
    Try going into the advanced editing for images and put the horizontal adjustment to 1 or 0 so your table fits. If that does not work, then you will have to make your images a little narrower.

    The table overlapping the sidebar could develop into problems.

  11. think it is Ok now, 1 simply resize with little arrow on one corner. that seemed to work, then made horizontal to 0, don't know what is was as that space was blank, was probably 0 since I did not notice any change with that.

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