Finding it hard to get started

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    I’m not very IT savvy so I apologise if the questions I’m going to ask sound really dumb.

    How do I edit the front page? I’ve been going round in circles

    I saved a menu but it’s not appearing – what am I doing wrong

    Thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is



    1) what do you mean by “front page?” Do you mean where the blog posts go? You can’t edit that. On some themes you can change the way it’s displayed, but otherwise you can only change individual posts. What exactly do you want to change and how exactly?

    2) what is supposed to be appearing in the menu?


    1) you can set a static front page:
    2) you have to set your menu as the default menu:

    In the Theme Locations module, under Primary Menu, select the title of the custom menu you want to activate and click Save.

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