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    Hi, I keep reading that in order to build up a new blog you have to link up with other bloggers within your field. What is the best way to discover other bloggers that share your interests? My blog is about cinema from the angle of a film student by the way.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Use “Tag Surfer” or click on the tags above your posts to find other bloggers who use the same tags as you do.



    It is not very difficult to find birds of same feather! Tag surfer, general search on WP, even blogspot, Google blog search and the like will come in handy!



    Thanks for the help guys



    I use Tag surfer, and google for the kind of blogs I want. For example if I wanted fashion blogs. I go google fashion blogs… or go to the tag surfer on and click the tag “fashion.” I’ve found a lot of bloggers that way.



    I did not know this before. Let me try doing it too. Very informative for me.


    I wonder also if there might be a Facebook group that would suit you. I run a really small-time genealogy/family history blog and after joining Geneabloggers at Facebook I’m now in regular contact with over 400 blogs that in turn connect out to other blogs. There must be something there for you.

    The other thing I do which works for my history niche is to take part in Blog Carnivals.
    Since no one has mentioned this I’m thinking it’s kind of an “uncool-not-for-film-students-type-of-thing” but in case you’re interested here’s the place where they list a lot of them. I immediately saw one for film production.

    Evelyn in Montreal

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