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    Hi everyone.
    Blogging is like social networking.
    I wanted to connect to my friends’ blogs and i know there is no ‘add friend’ in here.
    but i would still want to visit and subscribe or link them to my blog.
    my Q – How to find their blogs on WordPress by just knowing their email address?
    like they do on facebook and other sites, inviting them and sorts?

    The blog I need help with is



    1. The quickest way to connect with your friends at wordpress.COM is to email the folks in question and ask for their blog URLs.

    Note > There is no master list of email addresses for all those people who have accounts at wordpress.COM that we members can access. If there were then “privacy” would be at issue.

    2. You can set up blog subscriptions >

    This post explains how to locate similar blogs and how to promote your own blog within the community: in house blog promotion

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