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Finding my niche

  1. I'm new to the WordPress community and will be blogging about life/struggles as a college student, my thoughts and opinions, as well as the occasional essay and intellectual musings. I'd love for you to check out my blog; I'm always willing to do the same :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. diaryofamadmixedlady

    Hii! Ok, so I am totally new on this blogging thing, but I wanted to say I enjoyed your excerpt on your page! I am now following you and am anxious to hear your stories! Take care!

  3. It's always such a pleasant surprise to discover a like mind. Nice to meet you. I look forward to your posts; I attempted to comment on the one you shared, but I couldn't... Do you have comments enabled under your personal settings? Anyhow, I'm now following you. Good luck and good writing. :)

  4. @brandydesiree That's strange, I do have comments enabled. Though, some links have not been working for me it could just be a general issue. Thank you for following :)

  5. Welcome to You have made the right choice in coming to here for your blog.

    Good luck and good blogging and I wish you well.

  6. @pluginbaby21 - Welcome, and I love the theme of your blog. Best of luck to you! You will like WordPress much better than the other site. I will visit your site again when you have a few posts.

    I believe you can transfer your posts from your other site to I would have no idea how to do that though. Might have to ask Support or do a search on how to transfer a blog to

    Best Regards,


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