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Finding my site?

  1. I put in a test post (which I later removed), but when I tried to access my blog to see the test, the 'Net doesn't go to my site. What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks for any help.........I'm such a newbe.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are trying to search for a site that has no content.

    Search engines ONLY index sites they think other people are actively looking for. That means sites with links coming in to them, with significant amounts of original content. It typically takes up to six weeks to index a new site.

  3. So if I post something, it can take weeks for my friends to be able to view what I'm writing? The blog is about a trip...which, if it were only lasting a few weeks, would be over with by the time people could see the blog. I think I don't understand... Sorry.

  4. Yes, it can take weeks for your blog to be indexed by search engines. If you want your friends to see it sooner than that, send them links to the posts you make, either in emails or in FB messages. Your blog exists. They can read it. But they can't use Google to find it until Google indexes it, and right now Google has no reason to do that.

  5. How do I send them a link to the post? (I thought all I had to do was send them the address...but there I go, thinkin' again. This all isn't quite as easy as I presumed it was going to be.) Thank you so much!!

  6. Adress=link. It starts with http. Send them everything in the browser bar. For this thread at this time that would be

  7. I'll try it again, but that's how I originally tried to check what I had posted. I tried it myself rather than sending it to anyone, and Google didn't ... Ok, I think I get it. They'll have to paste the address directly into the browser bar, rather than pasting it into Google, is that right? I just did it (into the browser bar) and it worked. Pasting it into Google doesn't fact it shows a link to this forum! Thank you!!

    And then my next question do I attach photos to what I've written? And do the photos stay with the post they were sent with, or are they just collected in one place in the blog?

    Thank you again!

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