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    I have been doing some research on how to use Delicious to provide maximun exposure to my posts and my blog/site. I have some trepedation over copying and pasting and copying and pasting, removing some signs in code for + signs and the like. Seesk. Is there a simple way to have my blog/posts be available to all the social networking avenues on the WWW?



    No, there’s no simpler way to do it.


    Thanks RC. In your opinion, am I missing out by not being on Delicious’s traffic?



    Yes. On a good day, almost 10% of my traffic comes from social sites like delicious or stumble or digg.

    The simplest instructions I’ve found that give you social networking buttons for a number of features are sunburntkamel’s, and they’re here:

    Just a note about simplifying those. I have replaced his marker text with “addy” for the URL and “name” for the title of the post. They just seem simpler to me. The code looks like this:

    <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="add to" title="" /></a> :: <a href=";Description=&amp;Url=addy;Title=Name"><img src="" alt="Add to Blinkslist" title="blinklist:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";t=Name"><img src="" alt="add to furl" title="furl:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";url=addy"><img src="" alt="Digg it" title="Digg it:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="add to ma.gnolia" title="ma.gnolia:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="Stumble It!" title="Stumble it:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="add to simpy" title="simpy:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";save?url=addy;title=Name"><img src="" alt="seed the vine" title="newsvine:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" title="reddit:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";new_comment=Name"><img src="" title="fark:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";link_href=addy&amp;title=Name" title="TailRank"><img src="" alt="TailRank"></a>

    and then you paste that into a Word document. Save that to your computer as “Social Bookmark Templates” or whatever text is easier for you. Thereafter, every time you make a post you get the URL for that post, then open the Word document. Go to Edit, then Find, then Replace, and type in “addy” and paste the URL in the second box. Hit “Replace all”.

    Then type “name” where “addy” was in the search box, and type in the title of the post in the second box. Hit “replace all” and copy the resulting text.

    Go to Edit the post, and once you’ve got the edit box open, click on the Code button. Paste everything you’ve copied at the very bottom of your post and hit Save. Then, once you’ve seen on your blog that it looks okay, close the Word document and when it asks if you want to save the changes, say NO. This should give you your template that you can use just like this every time.



    Those are, by the way, the simplest instructions you’ll find. There’s no way I’m aware of to distill it further. At first it will take about ten minutes per post, but after you’re used to it it should only take a minute or so.


    Wowzer. Thanks so much. It may be that it is late or I just feel overwhelmed by what you shared. Thanks so much for the detail. I will have to study on that material tomorrow. Thanks so much RC for the detail. Very helpful. I will probably be asking a gazillion questions as I process this one too. Is there a way that I can process how to integrate this plan without making a lot of posts, back and forth. People are going to get tired of seeing my mug maybe.



    Don’t worry. It’s a lot of text, but all you have to do is copy it, then do a Find/Replace and a paste. It took me weeks to start doing it this way, but the payoff is great.

    Just take your time and do it step by step. I suggest you make a “Testing Social Bookmarks” post or page, and do this with that post only. Work out the bugs, learn the process, and only when you’re confident of doing it right move on to doing this on the rest of your blog. No reason to rush. You’re getting good traffic right now; this is just the cherry on top of the whipped cream, a total extra.

    Try it a couple of times on your test post, then come back and ask questions. That should minimize the stream-of-consciousness and make sure that you’re not repeating yourself.


    Hi Raincoaster,
    Thanks so much. I have a question after looking over the material from the post that you gave me and the material you provided above. How much of the code that you kindly gave me do I need to paste into each of my posts? Do I include all of it when I am making a template for every post…whatever that means? Thanks again my friend.



    You need to paste all of the code into each of your posts. First you need to customize it for the post by putting in the URL of that post and the title of the post, then you need to paste it in. Then you close the Word document and when it asks if you want to save changes, you say NO, so that next time it still has the “name” and “addy” that you can just do search and replace on.


    Thanks again. How do I make a URL my friend? May be elementry but I am not aware of how to do this techy stuff…yet…but I am learning. Thanks for your kindness toward me.

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