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    Is there any way to find new wordpress blogs?
    I mean is there any page similar to “top blogs” or “growing blogs” pages?



    Yes. Use this link to find the Hot VIP Posts and Hot Community Posts
    For the full array of Top Blogs, Top Posts and Growing blogs can be found by clicking this link Another way to find blogs you may be interested in is to look on the tag pages by selecting the category/tag you are interested in



    You can also use the search utility as well. Simply click this link and type in the category/tag of the blogs you are interested in locating
    I hope I have answered your question well. If not please post again. :)



    There is also a thread in the Off Topic forum to introduce new blogs. It’s a sticky thread right at the top of the forum.


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    Tag surfer is also another way to find blogs. It’s in your dashboard.
    Sort of a blunt instrument, but I’ve come across a few blogs of interest that way. And lots that I would like to zap.

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