Finding out the WHOIS and IP of an impostor who used

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    Hi t3ck, what reply? When I click on the link, it just takes me back to this page.



    @lorraelenaangbuete Yeah when you click the link it should show you this reply

    The abuse team most likely won’t respond, regardless of the outcome, for legal reasons. They won’t give anyone an IP address or email address without a court order.

    Which this link brings you to when the link is clicked and yes it will bring you back to the same thread but the reply should be at the top of your screen.

    P.s. I deleted the comment on my blog for the sole purpose I answered your question here.


    Hi t3ck,

    I understand that what I want is unlikely to happen because I know about court orders and the legality of things. I guess I was just expressing my frustration.

    Especially since WordPress hasn’t been replying to my emails about taking this fake blog down, despite my insistence that I can present credible evidence that I am the real person. This poser has posted only one picture of me, which is the first picture you’ll find when you look for my name in Google Image. Also, the stuff that is posted about me on the site are stolen from my Tumblr or are shallowly written because this person doesn’t know me. He/She has nothing on me.

    This person was most probably slighted by the review I made, which I did to exercise my freedom of speech. I only mentioned the names of those I gave good reviews to. I didn’t mention the names of the people I gave bad reviews to. I respected them enough to keep them nameless. But apparently, this person still took that the wrong way.

    I would have been fine if I was flamed. I can just ignore that but identity theft is a different story. I wish WordPress staff will already reply to my emails. They’ve already replied to a friend who sent in the same complaint in my behalf rather quickly, I was expecting them to at least acknowledge my emails in the same way.

    If you are connected to the people who can take down the blog, it would really help to know whether my request is at least being looked into. Again, if I need to submit more evidence, then I’m more than willing to do it. I am not a celebrity, not someone who’s looking for a fight. I think my comments on my review were based on aesthetics and design and communication principles. They weren’t written to hurt people, nor to put them down.

    This person has gone too far and I hope WordPress can see that. If this fake blogger is the real person, why would he/she be putting him/herself down? There’s no sense in doing that. Clearly this person wants to malign me in a way that’s against the law already.

    I hope I get a response from WordPress soon.

    Thank you,
    Lorra Angbue-Te



    “despite my insistence that I can present credible evidence that I am the real person”

    Please send the evidence in an abuse report. Staff cannot act on an accusation alone.



    Please excuse me for butting in but I too have been impersonated on twitter. This is the link to their impersonation policy


    I have already presented a clear description of the entire story and I have been waiting for the staff to reply. What more can I present to them? I asked them whether they require a particular piece of evidence because I am not the kind of person who’ll carelessly give away information to people I don’t know.

    What would prove that I am the real person? Pictures? Email addresses? A link to my Tumblr? Fingerprints? Articles that I have published on our newspaper here in the Philippines (which clearly shows I don’t speak like a LOLCAT)? My Social Security Number? A report from legal authorities? I can give them all that but I need to know which one to give.

    “Impersonation is pretending to be another person or entity in order to deceive.”

    This is precisely why I know that I have a case because this person is pretending to be me in order to deceive. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why this person would go through such lengths to do this. I am not a celebrity. I am not a public figure beyond having a public blog (which just means that everyone’s a public figure but that doesn’t mean their privacy is open to violation).

    It’s just sad that I have to be the one who’ll go through all this trouble when I’m the affronted party and I am the real person.



    “What more can I present to them?” – I don’t know, you said you can present credible evidence (suggesting you haven’t yet).



    I do believe that it may be necessary for you to go to a notary public and get certified copies of personal documents that demonstrate that you are the party who is being impersonated and not the other way around, and then send them to

    I’m not a public figure either. The impersonator was a sicko.



    I have sent them evidence which is why I asked what more can I present. But I also understand what you’re saying. I’ve sent them an email again with photo evidence, of my work ID and me holding my work ID, among other photo evidence. I hope this is enough to convince WordPress that I am authentic.


    I’m glad to hear that you have seemed to resolve it. These people have no lives, to actually have time to devote to doing something like this. It’s a sad sad world.

    If my photo evidence isn’t enough, then I’ll go to a notary public to get copies of documents.



    There is a very simple, free solution. You said the impostor has stolen your content (pictures and writing). Send the DMCA notice, which you can do as a simple email. Here is a template:

    Do not post more personal information in this thread, but you can safely give it to staff, who will guard it.

    And no, IPs don’t link to personal names anymore. They rarely ever did.



    DMCA is free? I thought their service costs $99.95? Because I would immediately use their service if it was free.

    I’m going to look into this. Thank you.

    I want to know how I can get his identity though. I have an idea of who it is because my friends and I have narrowed it down but we just need that one piece of incriminating evidence that connects the suspicion with the reality.

    If I choose to pursue a case for this, will WordPress be willing to help? It was, after all, this person using their service wrongly, going against their terms of service.



    No, you just type out the letter yourself. You don’t need to do anything else. I’ve killed a ton of spammers with that simple template. Some hosts, like Google, demand it on paper, but you don’t need a lawyer or anything. is not a detective agency. They do not out their bloggers, except to law enforcement agencies with the correct papers (like warrants and court orders). What they WILL do, if you can prove you own the copyright to stuff he’s posted on his blog, is suspend the blog. It MAY return once the copyrighted stuff has been deleted, however; that is at staff discretion.



    I hope the staff won’t think that’s the right thing to do though because that would mean his blog would be empty since he stole my name and photo too, not just what I wrote.

    I know they’re not a detective agency but won’t they be compelled to help right illegal acts? If a court order is needed, I am ready to serve one except I’m not sure whether WordPress is going to honor that because I’m from the Philippines. They might feel that Philippine court orders don’t have jurisdiction over them since they’re in the States.

    Kind of sad though because this is a crime. It’s not just impersonation to deceive but it’s also libel.



    Just use the DMCA takedown notice and they’ll take it down. Isn’t that what you want?

    It’s not libelous to pretend to be someone else; it is criminal. They are completely different.

    If what you want is to prosecute this person, then get a lawyer or contact the courts yourself and lay charges. Since is under US law, you can do this either in your country or in the US. If you want to know if staff will honour an order from a Filipino court, ask them directly.

    If what you really want is to find out who is doing this, your best bet is to use social engineering OR get professionals on the case, either private detectives or police and/or lawyers.


    But it is libelous to say false and bad things that can ruin a person’s reputation and that’s what he’s doing. I’ve asked lawyers here and they said it can fall under libel.

    Thanks for the other tips. I’ll be sure to do those because as much as I want the blog taken down, I’m also worried that this person will just do this over and over again and so the best bet is to really just stop him by finding him and making a case against him.



    That’s libel; impersonating someone isn’t. The distinction is important, because you’ll want a different kind of lawyer for a civil action eg libel suit.



    Thanks for the tip. That’s good to know.

    To everyone, please help me get the Admin’s attention on this. Last night I found a site ( where this poser is gathering friends and other anonymous trolls to help ruin my name. They want to appear as the #1 result in search engines for my name.

    I have already sent in photo evidence with my work ID and myself holding the work ID to both abuse-[email removed] and [email removed please don’t feed the spam bots]
    TOSreports replied saying that they can’t help me until I send them the correct DMCA format for complaints but I already did that, based on

    Abuse-report has not replied since Friday last week.

    I really don’t understand. So please, help me. This person is already gathering forces and I don’t know why he’s so adamant at ruining me. I am not a famous person nor am I the bad person that they all think I am.



    “To everyone, please help me get the Admin’s attention on this.”

    You already have the attention of the abuse team.

    Either they have enough information to act, in which case they will. Or they don’t, in which case they won’t. That’s it.

    “I’m also worried that this person will just do this over and over again and so the best bet is to really just stop him by finding him and making a case against him.”

    This may be the best advice you’ll find in this thread. The abuse team deals with blog posts. They don’t have the power to remove someone from the face of the earth.



    I know that but that’s why I’m asking them what I can present to them so they’ll help me find who this is. I already have the local authorities working on it here but this person thrives on being anonymous but I know that he used his own email for his fake WordPress blog because he said so in that site. He said that he started receiving notifications when I found his WordPress and commented.

    They are already trying to hack into my email. Isn’t that a security concern already? I don’t understand why it’s hard for people to understand. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t think my security was being compromised. I have since taken down photos and other information about myself but have kept the one on my Tumblr account so WordPress can have that as another piece of evidence that my content was stolen and that this person created a fake blog with it.

    I have also sent in more evidence than I can think of, short of sending them my birth certificate. Do I have to do that as well? Isn’t that a bit too extreme?

    I know people are trying to help out but the WordPress abuse team isn’t replying, at all. I know they’re busy and maybe it’s because I’m from the Philippines, making me less important than the other people here. If that’s not the case, it sure feels that way.

    I am just really worried. This person is really determined to make my life hell. Here are excerpts from his post on just to make things even clearer, for people who don’t want to click on the link:


    [redacted] —-> THAT’S HIM

    trolled : —–> THIS IS ME —–> THIS IS ALSO ME

    Some noob (gf ng thesis teacher sa ateneo) decided to shit on all of the ateneans’ thesis nung thesis exhibit. She posted it (look at the troll blog for the original post) on her blog and told a handful of people how shitty they were, then removed it after one of the students saw it and nag link sa blog niya. Luckily Mr Google caches shit. Now she’s butthurt cause I reposted it, and I am taking first spot for “lorra angbuete” on google so everyone can see her 1337 post.

    If you want to /b/lackup, link to troll blog for more lulz as I hit #1.

    I honestly forgot all about it until she flooded my email with butthurt comments.

    Not my thesis. Some girl na linait niya who cried and shit. I don’t really remember too lazy to google the rest, and I’m not even atenean. I just wanna troll her cause of the butthurt emails I’ve received.

    They have also started using my name for rudely commenting on people’s websites such as just to get people to think I’m a bad person who just wants to criticize everybody.


    It’s not because you’re from the Philippines or less important. I believe WordPress is just protecting themselves from being sued. Because unless there’s a court document or some sort of a violation report, they can’t pull blogs. Because what if they pull the wrong blog because the real imposter convinced them the other is the imposter.

    Make a page on your blog specifically addressing the matter and keep it on your blog. I recently made a blog post about my imposters and will soon make it a new page too. I’ve tried telling as many people as i can about the imposters also. But there really isn’t much else that I can do. They also want the reaction from you which they crave and feed off of. I’ve learned very painfully to start backing away from many things and walking away. They will eventually get bored and move on to something else.

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