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Finding out who referred a subscriber!

  1. Hello again all,

    I have been looking and looking and cannot find an answer to this query, am I using the wrong terms perhaps? I am new to all this. I hope that you can help please.

    Basically, I want people to get their friends to subscribe to my blog - and when their friends subscribe, I want them to add in the name of the person who referred them. I hope you understand what I mean?

    This is so that I can reward the people who have referred their friends!

    How can I dio this please? Any ideas? The 'subscribe' email does not ask for that information - can I alter this?

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thanks so much in advance


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have a solution for you. What provides does not include what you want.

  3. Hello timethief,

    Thanks for this. I am really surprised. Is it available in any of their paying / upgrade versions, do you know? Only it's a major part of my marketing startegy :(


  4. No I am sorry but there is no such upgrade.

  5. Oh, thank you, anyway, I shall have to cope without it :) x

  6. Perhaps setting up a contact form and asking all those subscribers who do refer others to you to use it when they do will be helpful. See here >

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