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How can I find the site I created when intiially signing up?

  1. Hi--
    I hope you can help me--
    I did not get an email to activate my account after signing up for my first WP account on May 18 so I contacted Support a day later and was provided a link to activate my account which said \\\"Your account is activated!\\\" but I cannot find the site/blog. I thought when you signed up that was your first blog--but I cannot find it.

    I registered another blog from the My Blog pulldown menu and that is on the site.

    I look forward to your reply.

    I had to put the URL in the box above to get this email to go to you but that is not the URL of the site I am talking about ------- it never came into existence it seems!
    Blog url:

  2. It sounds like you created just a username when signing up for The only site I see on your account is this one.

    To get the blog name that matches your username you can just log in to and head over to the sign up page. That will let you sign up for

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