Finding the edit section for “About The Site”

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    I have found all of the ad new and edit functions for, links, pages, posts, categories etc.

    I am UNABLE to find the edit section for the “About This Site” link on my blog.

    I may have deleted generic word-press info when I first got started and if so I can not find the area in my office to put my own info.

    My site is:

    Please help.




    I think the “About This Site” box may be a text widget. Go to your widgets page in your dashboard and have a look :)



    That particular widget is actually built into your current theme. It is configured to display your blog’s tagline. So – to put something there, simply go to Settings -> General and enter something in the “Tagline” field. Then, click “Save Changes”.


    Thank you lizii & buble for taking the time to offer your support.

    I found it under the Tagline field

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