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  1. Hello! I am slowly testing my way through a bunch of themes with the help of the feature filters, but I was wondering if anyone with more experience might have any input on themes that might work for me. I am looking for a "minimal-ish" theme with a white background and the following features (probably not interested in a Premium theme (oh, how to choose just one?!) but wouldn't mind the custom CSS option) :

    Color - white background, black text (gray text ok in the sidebar)

    Width - would be nice with adjustable, or at least not too wide, up to 860 px or so. It's important that there's not too much white padding around the text (as there is in Twenty Eleven) as I want to fit in a lot of writing!

    Format - two columns, right sidebar, footer (not infinity scrolling, as in Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven, unless mandatory)

    Header - custom header, not too big, about 200 px deep, with text removable

    Pages - below header, pages bar needs to be more visible than in Under the Influence, like the bar in Twenty Eleven, "Home" included too, comments off on pages but without the text "comments off"

    Text - Probably an Arial type font (sans serif), post text black, quite small (Twenty Ten too large), sidebars may be gray/different,
    headers of posts and sidebars not too "in your face" but not invisible either (post headers too bold in Twenty Eleven), maybe headers are serif...

    Widgets - a few in the sidebar - btw is there a widget for Subscribe via Reader - could not find it..., will only put some text in the footer, nothing else

    Posts - sticky/featured post option,would be nice with option to turn off date and comments separately (not necessary though)

    Other - no extra embellishments...

    Well, this was a bit lenghty, but any input is greatly appreciated! And now - back to the Theme showcase! My eyes are starting to take on the same shape as the screen ;-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My theme-related posts will help you:
    Check the following:
    • Maximum displayed image width (= main column width)
    • Sidebars and other widget areas: number and position
    • Header images
    • Header tabs
    • The Home tab
    • Default theme fonts

    1) "Home included too". Themes that don't display a Home link in their regular top menu can display one if you create a custom menu.
    2) "Widgets - a few in the sidebar". Not theme-dependent: you add as many or as few widgets as you like.
    3) "sticky/featured post option". Not theme-dependent: supported in all themes.
    4) "option to turn off date". No such option.
    5) "comments off on pages but without the text comments off". I've got a post on that too, but it's currently turned to private because I'm re-writing it. So: when commenting is disabled in advance on pages, you get no message in all themes except Bouquet, Contempt, MLB, Motion, Spectrum, Neutra, Shocking Blue Green, DePo Square, Emire, Garland, Misty Look, Rounded, Rubric, Toni, Treba, Iceburgg.

  3. Hello justpi and thanks for the link - now I know where I'll spend a couple hours soon! Also very helpful notes - thanks again!

  4. You're welcome. Additional questions also welcome!

  5. Plus, to clarify my note 4: there's no such option you can turn on or off; in some themes, however, sticky posts display no date by default - check my post on sticky posts.

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