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    I just got a new job and am working with several websites made with WordPress. Looking at the code, it’s obvious that there has been at least a few different coders at work. Some pages are straightforward – I can find all of the source code in the “Pages” tab. But with other pages, I can follow the source code down the page, then the code (on the “Pages” tab) ends, and there’s still more content on the website (like whole paragraphs and images and whatnot, not just a footer).

    On one page I managed to find the source inside a “frame.php” file under Appearance > Editor. Still don’t know how the page took the code from the file, but I know that when I edited the frame.php file, the content on the website changed.

    What are some common (and uncommon) places where simple content code (like text) can be hiding?


    You’re on the wrong site.

    Jump over here, download the files and have at it:


    Thanks, but WordPress is already installed (that’s how I’ve been editing the sites).


    Which is why you need to be over there and not here. This board is only for technical and account support for free-hosted sites.

    For more on the differences, see:


    Thanks for your help.

    A bit of advice, if someone is on, and you tell them to go to, you should probably emphasize that the difference is in the suffix. Your comments were not helpful at all, because all I saw was “This is support for WordPress. You need to go get support for WordPress.” If someone’s using the wrong suffix, they probably didn’t know that the other one existed.

    Just saying you could definitely be more clear on this matter.

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