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    Would appreciate if you could add the Finetune widget as sidebar widget Thanks.



    There are already multiple threads suggesting it that can be located by using the forum search box The procedure for asking for a new feature to be introduced is to send in a feedback to staff on Monday including the url to the player you are requesting and your reasons for requesting it. :)



    I love finetune! I discovered this gem a while back. It’s a great way to discover new bands, based upon the styles of other music that you like. I would love a widget for this.


    Brentroos: I love finetune also, but it seems like you are confused. Finetune lets you pick any three songs by any band in their list until you have hundreds, enough to create your own radio station/playlist. But you choose all of the content. Perhaps you are thinking of Pandora, which chooses music similiar to music you like, or lastfm, which chooses music that people with similar taste your own like.

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