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Firefox 3 / Mac / No Dashboard!

  1. So, just got FF3, and now when I go to my blog (when logged in, yes) I no longer see the Dashboard at the top of my blog, and the "edit" links are gone from my posts, etc. It's like I'm not logged in, but I am, because when I go to I am logged in and can get to my Dashboard from there. I'm using K2 theme on a mac, ppc. I have logged out and back in, cleared cache, all that.

    Is this a problem with the theme, wordpress, or firefox?

  2. Okay. So, for anyone else experiencing this, I seemed to have fixed it by deleting all cookies and clearing the cache.

  3. Hasn't worked for me, yet. WAPITA.

  4. Back on topic - what's the dweeb up above doing on this question, anyway?

    Did the same as robertwalker + checked off allowing 3rd party cookies - and now I can access dashboard, etc, via FFX3.

    Funny thing is - the website where I'm an editor didn't present this problem. Only my personal frugal freebie website.

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