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Firefox 3 oddity

  1. After upgrading to FF 3 on Tuesday night, I can no longer access my WP stats via my dashboard on my self-hosted blog. I've tried resetting the browser, erasing cache, deleting cookies, and even changing the PW, but nothing seems to work. The odd thing is that I can log in to and my blog shows up on the list. I can also see my stats via my dashboard in Safari. This was not a problem in the older version of FF.

    Anyone have any suggestions or also notice this?

  2. Reinstall ff?

  3. I just tried it and had no problems. (using ff3 for Win) When you see your self-hosted blog on your list at .com log in, are you clicking on it there to be taken to your s-h login page? That's how I did it.

    What version of wp are you using on the self-hosted blog? That might be the only other variable between the two of us.

  4. Thx, guys. The other variable is that I'm on a Mac. It seems to work fine on PCs. Just can't understand how it works in Safari, and worked in older version of FF, but not in FF 3.

  5. I'm on mac with ff3 and no problem here.

  6. Yeah, I caught the Safari in your original post. I don't know what to tell you.

    @boblets - Are you having no problems with a self-hosted blog?

  7. Ups. Pardon. I was a little too fast there. No, I'm not self-hosted.. sorry to confuse.

  8. That's okay. Thanks for the clarification.

    Fingers crossed that someone who has mleder's same setup will come by.

  9. Thanks -- very much appreciate any help. So, just to clarify: I have a self-hosted site and stats worked fine via my dashboard before upgrading to FF 3. It still works fine in Safari. I can access all other parts of my dashboard, but when I click on the blog in question, I can't get the stats.

    My guess -- and it's just a guess - is that is has something to do with FF permissions. Because when I try to log-in to via my main dashboard for my site, it appears not to recognize the password. But I can login by going to directly.

  10. It could be a plugin problem - the stats need Flash (I think it is Flash, some plugin, anyway). Maybe FF3 has not found the Flash plugin?

  11. Download the latest flash player again:

  12. If you are running the wordpress stats, goto the 3rd party cookie permissions, in FF3,
    make an "exception".

  13. I've made an exception and still no luck. I reset the browser and cleared the cache (yet again). So odd that I can be logged in to, but can't get the stats from the dashboard to work only in FF 3. Any other suggestions?

  14. If FF has some sort of support, you could ask them.

    You might also try posting at since anyone there who is using wp-stats is using the plugin. Few people here are.

  15. If FF has some sort of support, you could ask them.

    You might also try posting at since anyone there who is using wp-stats is using the plugin. Few people here are.

  16. Sorry for the double post.

  17. OK -- never mind. When I went back in and checked "accept all third party cookies" it does work in FF 3 (as opposed to just allowing cookies). Of course, that means that I'll be getting all sorts of third-party cookies. But at least the stats work in FF.

    Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!

  18. Yes, you do need to have cookies enabled. I don't turn them off so that never occurred to me. I just clean 'em out periodically.

    I'm glad you've got it straightened out and thanks for letting us know your solution.

  19. @medler if it still is bothering you,
    I have my third party cookies off, but my self hosted- blog is also an exception.
    I'm just geussing here, but perhaps that is why i can see the stats in my admin page.

    I hate tracking cookies :p

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