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Firefox access

  1. I seem to be having the opposite problem as some. I can now (unlike the last few days - and I'm still getting a bar graph for stats) access my blog via IE, but cannot log-on via Firefox at all, getting a 'connection interrupted'.

    I have compeltely removed FF, and then reinstalled and still have the same problem.

    Any ideas, besides cleaing cache, checking firewall, etc, etc?


  2. Hmmm, interesting. I have yet to see the bar graphs on Firefox.

    On Firefox 1.5.x
    - no issues logging in initially.
    - I still see the old style stats point/line graph
    - still lose blog login if I go to and login while still logged in to the blog, so have to re-login to blog.

    On IE 6.x
    - no issues logging in.
    - I see the funky new stats bar graph
    - still lose blog login if I go to and login while still logged in to he blog, so have to re-login to blog.

  3. My admin is fine in IE and I can login with FireFox but while viewing blogs it's appearing to me that I'm not logged in - I'm not seeing that top blue bar (with add to blogroll and all that) and when I comment, I'm presented with all the fields (name, email, url) instead of just the comment box.
    As far as stats, I'm getting the line graph in FireFox but the bars in IE.

  4. It is firefox screwing your around.. aparently there is some new servers coming in and with all the redirecting, firefix oficially f@cks up. They must be using some sort of unsupported code.


  5. FF is finding errors on the page.
    If you look at tools -> JavaScript console; you'll see some errors. I suspect this is part of the problem.

  6. Hmmm... actually, no, I'm not even getting warnings in the JavaScript console... :\


    cmon guys

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