Firefox crashing on clicking Image Uploader

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    Disabling gears on FF 3.0.10 did work for me to. Thanks!



    Ditto here, disabling gears fixed it. Thanks the gods and all the people who contribute to this forum, I have been messing with this issue for several hours, next time I’ll check here sooner!



    Anyone know how to report this issue to Google Gears? Or whether someone already has?


    Staff here is working with them on the issue.


    Working OK until today, then started crashing. Now everything very slow with gears non functional


    Disabling Gears and clearing cache does not stop Firefox from crashing whenever I try and upload


    Some have reported that. Go to tools > addons and uninstall Gears. Others have reported that they have had to do that in order to get it to quit crashing.


    Have had a further attempt and disabled gear, but why should it start happening now.

    problem appears solved for present



    Yes its works like a charm, I only disabled the Gears and its work, now start blogging….



    I was having the same problem with FF 3.0.10. Disabled Gears and it seems to have fixed it.



    Disabled . . . runs great. So, are we going to get another update on FF3 or what? Amazing something with Google doesn’t work . . . lol. It seems there is a little dependency of FF3 on Google. Maybe we should all switch to “””Blogger.””” LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Oh wait, we might get accidentally disabled as a spam-blog. Matt



    Just leaving a note to let you know I had the exact same problem – FF 3.0.10, Vista Home Premium. Disabling Gears worked! I think I’ll just leave it disabled; never really noticed a difference anyway.



    I had to uninstall Gears in FF 3.0.10 in order to get it to work (had installed them but never enabled them on my blog).



    Thank you for the fix! This problem started for me out of the blue yesterday (though I’ve had Gears for a while and never had upload problems before). Disabling Gears fixed it.


    Image uploader is still not working properly. Uploading a single image now goes straight into ‘gallery’ — where it gets stuck in a dead loop and nothing appears in the post. I think this is more than a ‘gears’ problem….



    I started having this problem when everyone else did, in Firefox 3.0.10. I’d click on Media Uploader and bam, it would kill Firefox. I have also disabled Gears and it’s working fine for me. Just as another data point!



    I was having the same problem with FF 3.0.10. Disable Gears is working.



    tried everything said here, still on posts and pages when i click media upload button firefox crashes.


    Did you restart your browser after disabling gears? If not restart.

    Some have said they had to completely uninstall gears. Go to tools > addons and find gears and click the uninstall button and then restart your browser.



    Hi. I’m the Gears developer that broke WordPress+Gears for Firefox on Windows (Firefox on Linux, and other browsers on Windows should be unaffected) when we released a Gears update last week. The Gears bug is being tracked at and a fix should be rolled out shortly.

    Sorry for the crashes.

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