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    hey guys i need help again. this time its more serious. i cannot do posting with my firefox!! whenever i clicked the “new post” button on my dashboard, the create post page started loading for a LONG time and after that firefox gave me a pop-up saying that “firefox exe. occured a problem and needs to close”. i did not even reach the create post page!! it was just loading. i am using firefox for 4 years now. i dont know if its the problem of my firefox cause i was using the same one for the 4 years. please help me cause ive sent an error report to firefox but its been 3 days and ive not seen any improvement. i still cannot post!!

    joyce, singapore



    It’s a problem with Firefox on your computer. Sorry but there’s nothing we can do to help. You might find something on the Firefox support forum:


    so should i delete my firefox and download another one?? im not sure


    Possibly… what version of FireFox are you using?


    mine says version 1.0.5
    how to download another one? im pretty noob to computer stuffs


    You’ll definitely want to upgrade – the current version is You can download it at

    That might fix your problem. :-)



    you can click on help next to tools
    and goto option [Check For Updates]



    im having the same problem too with firefox… quit unexpectedly whenever i click on post..or view post or message…

    gotta update my firefox now. :)

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