Firefox Keeps Reloading Widgets Component

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    I’ve been writing my blog for about 5-6 months now, and since then I have been encountering the following problem constantly:

    Whenever I;m logging to my blog or to via Mozilla Firefox, the page keeps refreshing with the message “waiting for”. If I sign out, this problem does not occur.
    It stops when I press Esc, but keeps happening when I load a new page.
    I have noticed the problem exists only in Mozilla but not in Chrome.
    (I haven’t checked it on IE because I’d rather eat my fingers than use that browser).

    This problem reproduces itself in several computers (office computer, old home computer and the new one, and also my laptop).
    It reproduces on several platforms – I saw it happens on Windows XP (office & old home computer), Windows 8.1 (new home computer), Ubuntu 14.04 and recent Debian release (laptop), which I installed about 3 months ago.
    It happens on a freshly installed Firefox (no addons) and on my regular one with addons. It also happens on safe mode. It happens when I use the IceWeasel on the debian platform as well.

    Oddly enough, it DOESN’T happen on the Firefox app in my Samsung S5 (Android 5.0).

    So now I update my blog using Chrome only, which exists on my computers only for this purpose (as I have always used the fox and still do).
    I can browse my blog, and in general but just not signed-in.

    Does anyone else encountered such strange phenomena? What can be done?

    The blog I need help with is



    I am running windows 10 and using a Firefox 42 browser version, and I don’t have that issue.

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    I’m afraid that I can’t replicate that issue using Firefox.

    Do you have any browser extensions/plugins or security/proxy software running by any chance?



    I tried on 3 different computers and could not replicate this either using FF43 now.

    Will you try disabling all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily, please? Know also that security and firewall programs and programs that run incognito mode may need to be temporarily disabled as well.



    I have already tried it, but it still happens.
    The point is that it also happens on a fresh Ice Weasel installation on a new Debian environment, before ANY addons were installed.

    I believe there is something in my personal blog’s preferences which is in conflict with FF, but I’m unable to pin-point it exactly.

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